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I need a job. [Apr. 7th, 2006|07:09 am]
Writing Help


I think I've spammed Little Details enough with this one [g]. Hither, yon, and thus.
I think Our Heroine needs a different job than I've given her.
The job needs to be something she can do while traveling very randomly (interdimensionally, in fact), in no particular pattern. She needs to be able to physically carry all of her possessions at once, and if the prior posts are anything to go by, the basic requirements for, y'know, survival will take up most of her reasonable weight allowance. It needs to be a job where she can spend the majority of her time traveling rather than working per se (or, at least, rather than staying in one place working). And the job needs to be as culture-free as possible (ie not minstrel or scribe or something similar), but useful in pretty much any medieval-ish culture.

I was originally going to make her a tinker, jewelry-maker, and trader in small light things (ribbons, spices, etc). She can still do the latter two (the jewelry making is just bead-and-wirework stuff, so the Stuff for it is maybe 2 or 3 pounds at *most*), but it's looking like the Stuff for tinker work (see "thus") is just too damned heavy. And, given her random patterns and such, I doubt she could make enough from just trading in bead jewelry, ribbons, shiny things, and small quantities of spices.
So, any suggestions for a profession or two for Our Heroine? The more "practical" and hand-craft-y the better.