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Less than wholely platonic relationships... [Mar. 4th, 2008|11:33 pm]
Writing Help


Ok, just trying to figure out if this "feels" off to anyone.
Our MCs are a pair of young women (in their 20s, in modern-day US). I shall, for convenience, refer to them as A and B.
A is cheerfully bisexual, cheerfully and enthusiastically promiscuous, and quietly in lust with (or possibly even in love with) B.
B is nigh unto asexual (still a virgin, has gone on maybe 2 dates in her entire life--and not because of religious beliefs or whatever, just because of lack of interest/time).
A and B have known each other since kindergarten or so, and have been Best Friends for years. They are currently traveling together (A is exhibiting her paintings in galleries around the country, B is Killing Evil Things)
The situation I'm not sure about the "rightness" of:
B knows that A would cheerfully jump her bones, A knows that B isn't interested in having her bones jumped by A (to the extent that she's not asexual, she's probably heterosexual). But other than the occasional "Just in case you've changed your mind" token advance from A, and some effort on B's part not to "tease", this is Not An Issue between them. Not in the sense of "This is a suppressed thing we Just Don't Talk About", but in the sense of "This is how things are, such is life, *shrug*". If I'm making any sense.
Does this seem emotionally unrealistic to anyone?
(if anyone's still actually reading this comm)

[User Picture]From: rosehiptea
2008-03-05 06:36 pm (UTC)
I don't think it's so unrealistic. If B knows A well enough to understand that she knows when to back off (and she seems to) I can see it not being an issue.
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