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writinghelp's Journal

Writing Help
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Anybody , Moderated
This community is intended for people who need help with ideas for a story, plot devices, "How would this character react to this situation", et cetera. However, don't post something that amounts to "please write my entire story for me", that's just annoying.

Please lj-cut (with warnings) anything that's not suitable for children, and (no warnings necessary) anything that's long or has pictures in it. Ask clear, coherent questions, to the extent possible. Descriptive subject headers are always good. And play nice.

This community is primarily intended as an adjunct to little_details. Go there if what you want is help on some small *factual* detail (ie "What kind of cheese is available in Japan?", "How much does a human spleen weigh?", "What was the name of Napoleon's grandmother?", etc.)